Tap into the power of tarot as a long-term tool for guidance, support, & self-discovery

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Tarot is an incredible system to answer pressing questions, but it’s also a deeply healing practice when used regularly as a check-in, accountability tool, and guide.

Behind the scenes at the Incandescent Tarot studio

Behind the scenes at the Incandescent Tarot studio

These packages are perfect for those looking to:

  • navigate challenging transitions with support & guidance

  • dedicate special time for reflection, healing, and self-care

  • track projects and goals over time

  • develop and cultivate meaningful relationship with your intuition

  • plan and launch new creative projects, businesses, and more

What makes them different from a regular reading?

Have you ever left a tarot reading feeling inspired, uplifted, and maybe a little overwhelmed? Looking for more guidance and ways to continue bringing their magic into your every day life? I know the feeling.

There’s nothing more rewarding to me as a reader than seeing my clients change and blossom as they work with the cards over time. These sessions bring the cards even closer with deeper exploration, hands-on exercises, and one-on-one guidance from me as your reader.

Sessions can include other modalities such as meditation, reflective jounaling prompts, oracle cards, and more, all depending on your interests.

How do they work?

I believe it’s important to give my clients all the flexibility and access to chart a tarot path that truly reflects their needs. Whether you want to schedule regular sessions once or twice a month or simply book them as you feel called, this is for you.

Purchase packages by the number of readings you’d like, after which you can use a code to schedule them using my online booking system. We can meet in-person at my studio in Durham or remotely via skype, zoom, google hangouts, or facetime - whichever is most convenient for you.

Payment plans & gift certificates available.

Curious to learn more?

Schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation below to discuss your goals, ask any questions, and work out a course of readings. I’d be delighted to hear from you.